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Competitive Pricing

Our simple flat rate is on par with the national average price for prop balancing services.

$275 for singles and $475 for most recip. twins.

(See home page for current promotional discounts that may currently be in effect)

Turbines, Ag-Spray or on floats, add $50/engine. (i.e. King-Air = $575)

We accept checks, cash or major credit cards

Group and commercial discounts are available depending on location and number of aircraft. Call, text or e-mail for a price quote.

Approx 10% of aircraft engines/props fall into the "already balanced" category. Unfortunately, it is impossible to "second guess" which props won't need corrective balancing without performing the whole set-up and procedure. In the case where we find acceptable (near zero) prop unbalance and vibe levels during the first run-up, (whether the prop was balanced previously or is simply OK due to luck or happenstance) we still ask for a nominal $69/engine to cover, on-site service, set-up, testing and consultation.

In these rather rare cases we hope our customers are still fully satisfied with our service, enjoying the "piece of mind" and assurance everything is running smoothly. In these cases, a logbook entry is still issued recording the balancing test and attempt. Tach verification and a spectrum analysis hardcopy (if desired) is also included with testing.