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A propeller and engine combination must be spin-balanced together i.e. "married" to ensure a smooth running powerplant.

Dynamic Prop Balancing is a precision digital balance of the entire propeller system under normal operating conditions. More than just balancing, it is form of fine tuning that brings the prop into precise "harmony" with the engine.

Aircraft and prop manufacturers expect dynamic prop balancing to be a routine part of the preventative maintenance cycle. Aircraft maintenance technicians have accepted spin-balancing as a base on which to build a comprehensive maintenance strategy; a coherent defense against vibration, effectively increasing safety margins and decreasing down-time.

Inspectors (IA's) know that a smooth running powerplant will generate structural cycle fatigue at a slower rate and therefore have a better chance of remaining airworthy between annual inspections. Conversely, a balanced prop and the associated vibration reduction will have a protective effect on the work accomplished during annual inspections.

At the very least, it is safe to say, an aircraft with a precisely balanced rotating group will require fewer repairs over time offsetting the cost of balancing.

The improvement in ride quality is priceless!