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Hi Doug,
After our meeting, as you know,  I went flying. WOW! What a difference.  The instruments were crystal clear instead of a vib induced blur, the airplane just feels more comfortable and solid. I no longer feel fatigued after flying for twenty minutes and the "pogo sticking" the plane did when pulling the power to idle is all gone. I really want to thank you for the service you provide and it was a real pleasure to work with you. In about a month or two we'll be looking to balance the RV3 and will definitely be calling upon you. Thanks so much again, I hardly could believe how smooth that airplane is running now, you exceeded my expectations. Mason Peterson

Hi Doug, just wanted to follow up with you on the balancing you did on my Aztec at KANE. Ive flown over ten hours including our trip back to FL. I could definitely tell the difference. Now able to fly at 2200-2300 rpm with very little vibration. Thanks! Marc Miller, MCM Aviation LLC  

Hello again Doug,
I finally managed to try the plane out Saturday. The results are dramatic...turbine-smooth cruise and at almost all engine speeds where small resonances come and go. Resting my hand on the instrument cowl during flight...almost nothing. My engine, mounts, & instruments thank you. BRAVO! As promised, attached are 5 photos of the job. Thanks again, Tim Wheat N315RW

Doug...Just wanted to let you know that my Thorp T-18 now runs much smoother, and the instrument panel is no longer a blur and making an annoying high frequency rattle. What an improvement, and what a relief when I thought a new prop was the only solution...Dave Gunderson

hey doug
its amazing! what a night and day difference all around. i notice a difference on run-up, take-off, cruise, and especially landing. im really impressed and thank you for the good work!! ive been telling alot of people so hopefully it will bring you more business. thanks again!


Dougó I sent the check and a letter to you today.  The plane is so much smoother, it is fantastic!  It feels like a turboprop instead of a Sopwith Camel.  I put a big vote for your services on the International Comanche Society website.  Thanks so much for your careful, precision work.  Iím totally thrilled.

Warren P. Bishop, MD Director, Division of Gastroenterology Associate Professor Department of Pediatrics University of Iowa

Doug, Well I am very pleased with the results of the dynamic balance, and will definitely recommend you to everyone.  What a night and day difference.  My instruments, and I thank you. Tony Gasta, Cokato, MN

Thanks for the balance yesterday Doug on the Cheetah.  It really seems to make a difference.  My wife noticed that the sun visors are no longer vibrating on their mounts and making noise against the headliner.  The whole cockpit seems more settled and I'm sure we'll have less pilot (and passenger) fatigue on the multi-hour flights.  I'll bring up this up at our next EAA meeting and see if anyone else needs a balance in our area.   Best Regards, Andy Hutchinson

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In addition to 1000ís of individual aircraft owners, Harmony clients include the Minnesota DNR, USFS, Civil Air Patrol, US Fish & Game, Elliott Aviation, Marvin Windows, Malibu Aerospace, and countless others who take pride in maintaining their aircraft to the very highest standards. 

Here are just a few examples of what customers had to say after Doug balanced their props. If you would like additional references they are available upon request.

If you are a potential commercial customer please review and consider this (e-mail) dialogue between ACES (a balancing equipment manufacturer) and Wipaire's Director of Maintenance, Jason Erickson.


This story was eventually run in the American Bonanza Society Magazine.